Specialty Drinks

Specialty Drinks

$ 2.00 

Russian Joe - $9
Espresso Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, Heavy Cream, and Hazelnut

Espresso Pancake - $9
Amaretto, Hazelnut Liqueur, Espresso, and Heavy Cream

The Gentleman– $9
Bullet Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Maple Syrup, and Cinnamon

Dublin's Iced Coffee- $9
Jameson, Bailey's, Heavy Cream, and Coffee

Breakfast Bomb- $6.5
Jameson, Butterscotch, OJ, and Bacon

Morning Star - $9
Tequila, Triple Sec, OJ, Sweet and Sour

Boardwalk Bummin - $9
Gin, GingerBeer, Lemon Juice, Bitters, and House Jam

Breakfast Mule - $9
Vodka, Orange, Cranberry, and Ginger Beer

Creamery Ol'Fashioned- $9
Chai Infused Whiskey, Bitters, Orange, Cherries, Sweet and Sour